Venison Recipes

Venison Quesadillas recipe

Quesadillas need not be reserved for just beef and chicken! Marinated venison strips get together with zesty Mexican spices and cheeses for a quick family-friendly meal.



1) Combine all marinade ingredients in a large plastic bag; mix well and seal. Refrigerate 4 to 8 hours. Remove venison and drain.

2) Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high; add venison and cook until seared on both sides, about 8 minutes total. Set aside.

3) Meanwhile, heat a separate large skillet over high. Place tortillas, one at a time, on hot skillet; cover half of the tortilla with a layer of cheese. Top with reserved venison strips and avocado slices. Fold top half of tortilla over. Cook until browned on both sides and cheese has melted. Remove from skillet; repeat with remaining ingredients. Serve immediately with hot sauce and salsa.

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Published: November 16, 2010
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