Venison Recipes

Whether you are a lover of beef, lamb, or pork, you will find something in venison for your palette. We've compiled a venison recipe collection to meet all occasions—from holiday roasts to school night dinners, from elegant entertaining to romantic suppers, there's a recipe for you.

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About Venison

Venison is the term used to describe deer meat. Reminiscent of beef but with a noticeably gamier taste, venison is a leaner protein often found in hunter-dominated states, though available worldwide. Since venison meat has less fat than beef, it can become tough when cooked improperly. It does best when slow-roasted, quickly pan-seared, or gently stewed over long periods—these methods all bring out the juices and best flavor of the meat. contains ingredients and measurements for cooks in the United States. If you're in the United Kingdom, check out the venison meat recipes at

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